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When we first met, Savannah, a beautiful 8 year old with the sweetest smile, was a little shy.
But she quickly warmed up and we had an amazing session.

“Who is your favorite singer?” I asked.
“Bow-wow.” She answered with a smile.

“Could you please toss the umbrella up and strike a pose?” I said.
And she did.
And she giggled.

It was such a fun session, and I have to say, this is how a photoshoot should be: fun, energetic and fun.
Did I say fun twice? : )

Ai Ling

Amélie - She looks so sweet !!
I love the 1st and 3rd photo you posted :)

Calista - She is so cute!!! I love her!!

The one where she tossed the umbrella is just so artistic and soo good!

Well done

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