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We do not have the ocean to play with in Minnesota, but we have 10,000 lakes. In true Minnesotan style, what better place to have a cool Trash-the-Dress session than in the lake! Nicole and I had so much fun last Saturday. So we did it, we trashed the dress!!

Phalen Regional Park has become my favorite spot for photo sessions. : )

The weather was amazingly beautiful; the lake was surprisingly blue; and Nicole, of course, was simply sweet and awesome. I am one lucky photographer!

The water was cold. Seriously, COLD.

At the end of the shoot, Nicole said, “It’s hard to destroy something so beautiful, but once you start, you can’t stop.” With that said, dress trashed, mission accomplished.

Thank you SO much, Nicole. You rock!

Ai Ling

Calista - I love those shots where she was in the water.. She must be having fun taking photos with you! She’s amazingly beautiful! Trash the dress is real cool!

Amélie - The shots are all beautiful, but the one where she is in the grass with her hair spread is amazing. I love it so much !!

Julia - The freshwater spilling through her fingers actually forms a heart-shape with her upper body! Genius~

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