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It was one of the best photo shoot I’ve had so far, despite the horrible wind chill. It was snowing at the beginning of the shoot (yikes!!), and I was getting worried that the weather would be too much for Alore to handle. But she handled the whole shoot very well — I am simply blown away by her awesome performance!

I love how the fall colors compliment her skin tones.

Love these.

Of course, the jump. Look at how high she jumped!

Yes, it was a “trash-the-dress” session, but at the end of the shoot, the dress was still good as new. I think the word “trash” often puts people off, but honestly, a TTD session is simply a photoshoot with your dress on. I don’t really mean to trash the gorgeous garment. : )

Thank you so much, Alore, you are a trooper! Hopefully we will work together again in the future.

Ai Ling

ps: Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nessie Noodle - these are so lovely!
I really like this idea.
come to nevada and do a ttd with me- tee hee. (my dress hasn’t seen any action for almost 5 years!)

Lauranne - the series in the high dry grass is so beautiful !! lovely colors and textures and compositions, one of your best I’d say :)

Calista - Well done! Alore looks gorgeous in those pics. I heard you say it was cold, but I don’t see that in her face.. Well done.

jenny louis - Nice work! Love the choice of colors. Reminds me of Europe in the spring. Awesome job!

Louis - Smashing pictures, I spent far too long looking at them!,

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