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Gillian, or “gigi” as she called herself, is one of my favorite kid in the whole world. I still remember going to her mom’s baby shower for her two years ago… and now she is a whooping two years old! It’s amazing to see her talking, running, dancing, laughing, and even telling stories. Time really does fly.

I had a great time photographing Gillian. She is so cute, and so goofy. I just love her.

The candy was a great bribe. Every child photographer should get a dozen or so for bribing purposes. LOL

I have been using these DIY fluorescent lighting kit I put together myself instead of my usual lighting equipment. It works like a charm, especially for children photography.

Did I mention she is one of my favorite kid in the whole world? Yea, I think you got my point. : )

Ai Ling

Grandma B - These pictures are gorgeous! Excellent model, excellent artist.

Gigi’s Grandma (or as she calls me “Magra”

Chandra Reyer - I didn’t realize at the time how well the duck went with her outfit.

You did great work as always!

ahpor - oh my..
time does fly..
she was still a baby last time I saw her picture !!

Calista - lol, love the one with the blue duck! She looks extra cute in that one! Those lollipops look delicious to me lol
Those pics are real gorgeous! Well done, sis!

Calista - Oh, forgot to say, I LOVE her outfits! She looks real nice in those :) She will be a beautiful girl in the future, I’m sure :)

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