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mary + leif {love shoot}

He walked her home after the swing dance lesson.
He asked her out on a date.
And that’s how it began.

To sum it up, one word: COOL. Mary and Leif are cool.
I love having clients I could be friends with. In fact, that is how it should be.
I want to be friends with my clients, and I love it when things click.
“We brought flowers.” said Leif.
“We like props.” said Mary.
But the truth is, those are not just ordinary props. Leif has been giving Mary flowers everyday since they got engaged.
That is the sweetest thing I’ve heard.
We stopped briefly at the uber chic Aster Cafe before we continued shooting.
There are so many good ones I want to share, so here’s a slideshow from their fantabulous engagement session. Mary and Leif, the song is for you!
Please click HERE to download the flash player if the slideshow doesn’t work on your browser. Enjoy! : )

Mary and Leif, I had such a great time hanging out with you (watch out for aggressive cyclists on the bridge!!) and hearing more of your story. I am so thrilled to be a part of your wedding this summer.

Until then, keep laughing. : )

Ai Ling

Calista - They look cute together.. Mary has real beautiful eyes too! I like the piggyback shoot, they look real cute together!! haha, they are wearing the same color shirts!! Real cute! I LOVE the second picture :)
It’s so sweet of Leif to give flowers to Mary everyday..
I can feel the love by just looking at ur pics, well done!

Nazra Z. - Hey Ai Ling! I’ve missed your photos a lot. I’ll be busy checking out all the fun I’ve missed here.

Amélie - OMG Ai Ling, there are sooooooo many beautiful photos of this session !!! So full of life, fun and love ! This is incredible. As I was looking at them I kept thinking : ok, remember this one, I want to write how much I love it in the comment. But I can’t do it, there’s just too man photos I love. Congratulations !!

Mary - Ai Ling! I love love love the pictures!! You caught so many of our goofy, quirky moments and still managed to make us look good. Thanks for making the session so much fun and for getting us to climb onto so many things…it was totally worth it!

ailing - Calista, isn’t that just the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard? :)

Hey Nazra, nice of you to drop by! :)

Amelie, thank you! They are such an awesome couple, I had so much fun working with them.

Mary, I am so glad you like the pictures!! The climbing part always makes me nervous, but you guys are so awesome!!

Laurie Larson - I really love the pictures, especially the slideshow. How beautiful.
I know you two really love each other, and you will be happy together.
Take care of each other.

Connie - Hey – I just realized that I havent been sharing the love lately :) Just wanted to let you know how awesome the recent posts have been. I love the processing that has become your style. Great work Ai Ling!

ailing - Thanks, Laurie!

Hey Connie, thanks for stopping by! :)

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