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the nick haas trio

A lot has happened since the previous post a couple of months ago. The Nick Haas Trio has finally released their first CD!

It was truly an amazing experience for me to shoot and design the album art for this talented band, and it was an even greater feeling to be able to hold my work and see it with my own eyes.

Here are a few more pictures.

Nick the guitarist.

Peter plays the double bass.

And Eron the percussionist.

Please go check them out at and show them some love!

Ai Ling

Calista - OMG you’re on the CD! Well done!! I’m sooo happy to see this.. did you buy the cd or they gave it to you?

ailing - They gave me this copy. :)

Lauranne - awesome work Ailing ^-^ The cover is gorgeous ! I hope you’ll do more CDs and bands soon :)

ailing - Hopefully I will get more band to contact me. This was so much fun.