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205,920 minutes

It’s cold out so we stay home most of the time.

He thinks peek-a-boo is the funniest thing…

and he laughs at just about everything…

Bath time is his version of happy hour…


and dad is, of course, the coolest guy in the world…

205,920 minutes equals 143 days.
That’s how long it has been since Ian came into our live. We feel blessed every minute of it.

Ai Ling

AngelChang - happy to see such an adorable family…

Best wishes!!!

vanessa - ooh… so so sweet.
he is adorable. hope you guys are doing well.


Sherene - Love the bubbles in Ian’s hair.. bath time has to be the most fun time of all!

Carrie - Ian looks more and more adorable and handsome :D
(To be honest, I can’t really tell if a baby is good-looking when he/she is just born, that’s why I never comment before. ^^”)
Ian looks so mature in picture #4.


Calista - cuteeeeee! love the bath time pic.. his eyes are so huge!

Amelie - This is so perfect ! I love the image of them looking through the window ! He is so cute playing peek-a-boo and laughing :D Love the last picture too for all the love in it :)

ocean - 他真是越大越可愛了^^

nicki_bennie - Oh my goodness… these are unbelievably cute :)
Ian’s expressions are wonderful!

Zorislav - pure sweetness… :D

Ai Ling - thank you, guys! It’s been a wonderful journey to have ian.

josie - I love the bath photo!!
He’s so adorable. hehe..
somehow that photo reminded me of Olivia from Popeye cartoon :P
Must be the hairdo!

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