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123456… seven!

Seven months and two (very sharp) teeth!!
A rare family portrait.

A big thank you to Yvonne for the bear suit. Ian was the most popular baby in Grand Marais last weekend. : )

Ai Ling

Vanessa - he is such a sweet little man. And look at the three of you! beautiful family indeed.
I hope you are well and truly enjoying ever second with your little dude!

Ngoc - ack! i love it! he’s going to be the cutest FLOWER BOY ever!!!

Chandra - That has to be the best baby outerwear ever invented! :D

Chandra - Also…that second picture reminds me of that baby photo you showed me of you!

Calista - oh my god… sooooooooo cute! gotta change my wallpaper now :))) wear the spidy costume and shoot one for us! hehe

Sherene - Awww…. Ian is so big now!! And I hear his bear suit! What a lovely and fun family picture! Miss talking to you!

Yvonne - Oh watch out for the little grizzly! Aww how cute and look at him, he’s bigger now. Man, I gotta visit you guys before he goes off to college! Oh don’t mention about the bear suit, I’m super happy to see that it keeps him confie and warm.

dav - congrats!!! sure look like a fun day out. and yes, the little cutie has your eyes! :)

josie - wow! 7 month already!! Time goes too fast!!

I see Ivan trying to grab the camera already!!

Ai Ling - Thank you!!! : )

Josie, he is obsessed with that big black thing that makes funny clicking noises. He thinks I am playing peek-a-boo with him because D3 is such a huge camera!!!

Calista - Really wish to hold him, he is super cute!

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