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As much as I admire Ansel Adams, I never fancied myself a landscape photographer. I took my new 14-24mm lens out for a spin and got these images. They turned out pretty decent, in my opinion. : )

Grand Marais
Grand Marais
Grand Marais
I love my converse. I really do.

Grand Marais
Six minutes exposure star trails. Fish eye lens on a full frame D3… sweet!

Grand Marais
Midnight. The moon over Lake Superior. 30 seconds exposure.

Grand Marais
Sunrise on Lake Superior.

Grand Marais
I am just thankful I didn’t get pneumonia and die because I thought I was being so cool by taking these shots out on the balcony, barefoot and only in my pajamas.
I know I know. I am cool like that.

Ai Ling

dav - WOW!!!!! I ♥♥♥♥♥ the fish eye star trails!! Sweeeeeeeet lens. :)

Amber Schwingle - I LOVE MY CONVERSE TOO!!
I may even be getting MARRIED in my converse :)

Mary C. - Wow! I love those last 2 pictures!

bee - You are awesome!!! Love the photos.

Tiffany Stanton - You never sieze to amaze me!! I will always be one of your biggest fans girl! :)

Calista - Love the fish eye!! I love the sea one the most :) nicely captured, well done!

Ai Ling - It’s the Lake Superior. There is no ocean around here… I miss the ocean!!!

Calista - Let’s go to your favourite beach when you come back! I miss the ocean too! 3 of us, go together :)

Lauranne - mmmmm yummy yummy ^-^

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