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mike + jieun {love shoot}

Mike and Jieun met me at downtown Minneapolis and we spent an afternoon roaming the streets and taking pictures. They are such a beautiful couple — fun, very much in love, super energetic and definitely up for any challenge. What better way to kick off the wedding season with this amazing engagement session?!!

mike + jieun
mike + jieun
mike + jieun
mike + jieun
Candyman, you are way too cool. WAY.

mike + jieun
mike + jieun
mike + jieun
I love capturing the sweet moments between Mike and Jieun.

mike + jieun
mike + jieun
mike + jieun
This has got to be one of my most favorite engagement slideshow yet. Check it out!

Mike and Jieun, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Thank you for spending the afternoon with me, I had so much fun working with you guys, and I look forward to your wedding next month!

Ai Ling

Ngoc - oh wow!! SO AWESOME!

Vanessa - You have such an amazing talent! I really love the way you incorporated other people into this shoot- what a wonderful set for this beautiful couple!

Mike - Ai! These are amazing photos! I can’t wait to show them to family and friends. Jieun has not seen these yet but I’m sure we will enjoy looking at them tonight! Now I’m really looking forward to the wedding photos! yay!

Your photographs amaze me again and again!

JIEUN - It looks nice!!!
I had a lot of funs on Saturday and pictures look great!!
Thank you so much!
I am so glad we found you Ling!

Yvonne Lai - One of your greatest collection! Awesome work! I really like how to include strangers in photos, and how you captured the lovely couples making out without care of the world! I can totally see the dynamics, the sparks between the two and the fun they both share together – truly great work, AiLing!

Se - I LOVE this! My favorite things about it are the vibrant colors and the picture with the heart! So adorable! =)

Tiffany - LOVE THESE!! Phenomenal work…again! :)

Sherene - Awesome work as always!!!

Christine - My my! So many photos in this post!
Hope I don’t come across wrong or derogatory, good work incorporating poses that work really great with Asian looks.
I’m so bad with words, and such an injustice to this great couple and the great work in this post! Just lovely!
And is that not a gorgeous ring!

My - Nice! It’s like a the best blend of urban + rockstar + sweet. Yay, CandyLand!

Ai Ling - Thank you!! Aren’t they just a gorgeous couple?
Mike and Jieun, see you at your wedding! :)

Nana - These pictures are breathtaking.

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