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I briefly considered stuffing 29 candles on that little cake but quickly dismissed that idea.

The boy is starting to say “mama” a lot, and I know he really means it these days because he would dive into my arms while calling “mama mama”.
So sweet, such joy. I think I just died and went to heaven.
And that, was the best birthday present, ever.

Ai Ling

emily - awwww.

Ngoc - HAPPY BIRTHDAY +1 day.

That tiny cakes looks yummy!!!

bee - Happy birthday! That is such a wonderful picture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. =)

Vanessa - happy birthday friend!
it has been an amazing year I am sure.

be well and here is to anohter wonderful and special year!

Ai Ling - Thank you! : )

Ker Jiew - Happy belated birthday! I know exactly how you feel :)

Amelie - Ohhhh happy belated birthday !!! This is a really sweet pic :)

Se - I love this blog!!

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