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jim and kelly {wedding day}

date : november 7, 2009
ceremony and reception : grand superior lodge, two harbors, minnesota

Jim and Kelly’s wedding was amazing. AMAZING.

jim + kelly
Kelly wore her grandmother’s wedding dress, which was also worn by Kelly’s mom on her wedding day. After 70 years, the dress is still stunningly beautiful.

jim + kelly
Jim and Kelly were totally unconventional, which made everything incredibly personal and special. Their ceremony was one of the most unique I’ve ever witnessed.
Here’s what Jim told me,
“What you saw in the ceremony was the end of several months of preparation by Nick, Kelly and I. We spent many hours preparing ourselves spiritually and physically. The ceremony itself was the culmination of hours of mediation, reflection and focused work. With regards to the ropes, we were following an Irish tradition of hand binding. We harvested stinging nettles (a plant that will make you itch when touched) to make our rope. We spent many hours processing, drying and making each strand with care. Each rope IS one of our vows. It is a very spiritual process. The fire at the ceremony represents the announcement of our marriage to the spirits around us and the heavens above. Nick said this fire was one of the most powerful fires he had ever seen and it burned down to nothing but ashes… a good thing. The fire brought the spirits and the tangible world together for the ceremony. These aspects were done in extremely traditional Native American methods. The ceremony was short but it was extremely powerful for those who were involved.”

jim + kelly
jim + kelly
After the ceremony, Jim and Kelly took us to a beach nearby for some bridal portraits.

jim + kelly
jim + kelly
jim + kelly
jim + kelly
The rings!!!!!!!!

jim + kelly
I often wished that I am a better writer, but since I am not, I’ll just let the images tell the story. Please click on the image below to check out the slideshow for the rest of the story!

Jim and Kelly, I can’t tell you how thankful we are to be able to share the day with you guys. Your love and appreciation for life, family, and each other is truly inspirational and you reminded me just how lucky I am to do what I love. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Ai Ling
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You captured the spirit of our perfect day! We will relive this day over and over!!

Who would have thought an outdoor wedding in November could have been so beautifully perfect. Now we have the pictures to prove it!!

Thank you so much. You did an AMAZING job!!!!

You are the BEST!

-Kelly and Jim

Ai Ling - Thank you so much, Jim and Kelly. It was truly an honor to be able to work with you.

Ngoc - oooo, that picture with her dress blowing in the wind, omg!!!

Ai Ling - isn’t that awesome? Kelly’s dress is AMAZING!

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