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I was approached by Tiffany, asking if I was interested in helping to do some shoots for her presentation at work. Real estate has never been so appealing before! : )

I had a great time, both shooting and processing. We were having way too much fun. You might remember Tiffany from her awesome engagement session (click here to see photos from Tiffany’s engagement session).

I thought we could be creative and do something fun. Here are just a few we came up with.

Yay, you guys. Thanks so much for the fun session. Hope you kick some butt during your presentation!!

Ai Ling

Calista - TIFFANY!!! When you told me you had a photo session with Tiffany, I didn’t know she’s the same girl! I’m so happy to see her again! She’s more energetic than before! Great shots!

Lauranne - that has to be the best real estate project ever !!! jut love the one with the mirror ^-^

casting, casting!

I survived my first casting yesterday… and can I say, “woohoo!!”
It wasn’t easy, we had to pick 10 models out of the 150+ that attended the audition. Some great, some awesome, mostly fabulous, a few made me went WOW. And then it is the long elimination process – from “no” to “I don’t think so” to “maybe” to “that’s the one”.
It took 2 brains and countless brain cells – Nicole and I raked our brains and finally made our decisions.

The shoot is next week, and I know for sure it’s going to be rad. I am so excited for it! Will let you guys know more about it after the shoot. Wish me luck! : )

Ai Ling

Ling Photography . Photo blog » keep your fingers crossed - […] the casting I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? : ) I finally finished the shoot for the eyeglass company!! This […]

Calista - From 150+ to 10 models? Gosh… That must be a hard work.. Show me the photos when all are done :) Well done!

Shadow - 妳的腳and鞋?

Ai Ling - calista, hard work, but fun! :)

shadow, 對﹐那是我目前最喜歡的鞋子!!

Amélie - Hey, that sounds like an interesting mission ! What was that about ? I can’t wait to see the photos !

Ai Ling - It’s for a campaign for an eye glass company. Hopefully they will pick my work!!

eating - 可以寫中文啊?
害我還寫憋腳英文…. XD

(色老伯流口水… )
大概也麻痺了. XD

Lauranne - how come you’ve the opportunity to pick 10 out of 150? You’re actually one very VERY fashionable photographer, I know that, but nevertheless…?
I hope you’ll be chosen, I want to see the photos !!

Ai Ling - egg, 真的是痲痺了..

lauranne, I am lucky that’s why! :)
The shoot has been postponed to next Wednesday, so stay tune!

amanda and greg {wedding day}

Redwood Falls, Minnesota October 20, 2007

Connie and I drove all the way to Redwood Falls for this wonderful wedding. Everything about this wedding was simply rocktastic! Beautiful couple, gorgeous weather, breathtaking fall colors… and the fact that Amanda organized everything down to the details made our jobs much easier!

We started with hair and make up.

Amanda’s dress was one of the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.

And then it’s down to the park for some portraits. Amanda gave us enough time to roam around and got some awesome awesome shots for them. Bravo for that!

After the ceremony, we hopped on a bus and head out to the bar for some celebration time!

The reception was a cool one. Here, Amanda and Greg’s sweet first dance.

The DJ’s tunes were awesome, check out these dancers bringing down the house!

Not sure what’s going on here. LOL

Greg danced with his mom. It was emotional and touching.

Bouquet toss!! This has got to be one of my top favorite image!

Greg worked hard to get the garter out. Always love this part of the reception.

Last but not least, the rings shot!!!

Thank you, Amanda and Greg, for such a wonderful time, and a big thanks to Connie for letting me join you for this awesome wedding!

Ai Ling

Connie - Ok – so I almost couldnt stop myself from screaming out loud. Those are FANTASTIC! I think your best work yet! you are amazing – thanks for all your hard work, you are truely a blessing to work with.

Calista - I love all of them… Gosh, they are awesome! Well done!!

Dawn Kuehl - I wrote this in an email, but want the world to read this too…
as the grooms mom all I can say is
AWESOME pics…beautifully are fantastic!!!!
each and everyone of them tell a story!!! U-Rock!
(Dawn Kuehl aka Greg’s mom)

Calista - I look at this again, they are real good photos. Well done, you really did a great job! I love this session, really.