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Emily is super talented. She is a dancer, a model, an actress, and a math and art double major. All her talents just made this shoot so amazing. Her beauty is so unconventional, but yet so striking.

I love how she mixed and matched all the pieces together. The creativity and splash of colors was simply awesome!

When she went into the freezing cold lake I was getting worried that her body might not be able to handle it. But Emily is a trooper, she aced the shoot with grace!

With her theater acting background she is also a great make-up artist. She did her own hair and make-up for the shoot.

Thank you, Emily, for being so awesome, and all the best in your future undertakings!

Ai Ling

Calista - Good job!! Her make up is kinda unique hehe

Amélie - What a crazy variety of styles and poses ! Emily really looks like a very creative and beautiful person. Once more, you did a great job capturing it all :)

the murtha family

Meet Patrick, Dana, Chase and Gabby – what a beautiful family!
We met at Minnehaha Falls yesterday for a family portrait session. Fall is such a gorgeous season for photos – the colors, the weather, everything. Hooray (again) for fall! : )

Chase made a silly face. LOL

Gabby is a daddy’s girl. What a sweet moment!

I love how they coordinated their clothes colors.

We wrapped up the session at Lake Nokomis. Chase and Gabby were so excited for the bubbles and the balloons!

Chase and Gabby had a blast playing in the water. They are so adorable and fun! Dana bought them these cute colorful rain boots – look at how cute they are!

Thank you so much for such a fun shoot, guys. Hope to see you soon!

Ai Ling

Amélie - They are such a sweet family !

I love the poses in the 2nd photo, it’s really funny :)
And .. ok I like them all :)

Calista - lol.. the picture of Patrick tossing up Gabby.. hehe.. so cool! I love their clothes.. nice! Good job!

eating - i LOVE this set of family photos!!! sweet and touching!!!!!!

Dana - Good Morning Ai, Thanks a again for the wonderful photo experience. We all had a great time and the kids have been asking when we get to see you again. Can’t wait to get the CD, these photos are precious, they will make great X-mas cards. Thanks again for capturing what I feel my family is, these photos speak 1,000 words. I will cherish these forever. Thanks~ Dana


We do not have the ocean to play with in Minnesota, but we have 10,000 lakes. In true Minnesotan style, what better place to have a cool Trash-the-Dress session than in the lake! Nicole and I had so much fun last Saturday. So we did it, we trashed the dress!!

Phalen Regional Park has become my favorite spot for photo sessions. : )

The weather was amazingly beautiful; the lake was surprisingly blue; and Nicole, of course, was simply sweet and awesome. I am one lucky photographer!

The water was cold. Seriously, COLD.

At the end of the shoot, Nicole said, “It’s hard to destroy something so beautiful, but once you start, you can’t stop.” With that said, dress trashed, mission accomplished.

Thank you SO much, Nicole. You rock!

Ai Ling

Calista - I love those shots where she was in the water.. She must be having fun taking photos with you! She’s amazingly beautiful! Trash the dress is real cool!

Amélie - The shots are all beautiful, but the one where she is in the grass with her hair spread is amazing. I love it so much !!

Julia - The freshwater spilling through her fingers actually forms a heart-shape with her upper body! Genius~