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rod’s 65th birthday bash

I had the opportunity to photograph a fabulous birthday party last weekend. It was Rod’s 65th birthday party — and can I say, what a great party!! It was well organized, and filled with beautiful people, delicious food, great music, and lots of laughter and fun!

Everybody had fun on the dance floor, some smooth dancers here. A Marilyn Monroe impersonator was hired to add pizazz to the party.

I had a great time. Thank you so much for having me for the great party!

Ai Ling

Calista - Nice one!

Mmm.. that guy looks a bit like Tun Mahathir though..

Sarah - Hi Ai,

We loved having you last night. I hope you got home safely. I am so excited to see your photograph’s! Will you let me know if you get a chance to upload the photo’s to your website or any other website? Also, if I need any retouching or photoshop help, would you be willing to do some of that?

It was so nice to have you at the party and not have to worry about taking pictures! I am always the one stuck with that job (you can only imagine there are 5-6 family photo’s that I am actually in!). One last thing…who would here a 70 year old Marilyn Monroe who doesn’t even sing? What a hag. When Marilyn needs bi-focals to read, its time to shut it down!!!



When we first met, Savannah, a beautiful 8 year old with the sweetest smile, was a little shy.
But she quickly warmed up and we had an amazing session.

“Who is your favorite singer?” I asked.
“Bow-wow.” She answered with a smile.

“Could you please toss the umbrella up and strike a pose?” I said.
And she did.
And she giggled.

It was such a fun session, and I have to say, this is how a photoshoot should be: fun, energetic and fun.
Did I say fun twice? : )

Ai Ling

Amélie - She looks so sweet !!
I love the 1st and 3rd photo you posted :)

Calista - She is so cute!!! I love her!!

The one where she tossed the umbrella is just so artistic and soo good!

Well done


Yoko is an aspiring model, and she will be leaving Minnesota at the end of this month for the sunny California! Here are a few of my favorites.

It was great working with you, Yoko, and all the best to you!

Ai Ling

Calista - You go, girl!

Yoko will be a great model I’m sure!

Good job!