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the crosby-lindner family

Meet Jayne, Phil and little Jimi! This beautiful family came to Minnesota for a family vacation and decided to do a shoot. How awesome is that? We went to the Battle Creek Park, which is one of my favorite park to shoot.

Jimi is 2 years old and he has the most beautiful blue eyes!

Love these black and whites.

I could just look at these all day and still smile every time I look at them.

Jayne, Phil and Jimi, thanks for stopping by and hang out with me. It was so much fun working with you. I hope you enjoy the photos and have a great rest-of-summer!

Ai Ling

Jayne Crosby-Lindner - Thanks for the experience! Your photos are amazing!

Becky Reyer - Great photos as usual! Of course you had excellent subject matters.

Chandra - You really did well with capturing his eyes! And Gillian says, “Hey! That’s my train!”

Ai Ling - Thank you! He sure is adorable. : )

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