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casting, casting!

I survived my first casting yesterday… and can I say, “woohoo!!”
It wasn’t easy, we had to pick 10 models out of the 150+ that attended the audition. Some great, some awesome, mostly fabulous, a few made me went WOW. And then it is the long elimination process – from “no” to “I don’t think so” to “maybe” to “that’s the one”.
It took 2 brains and countless brain cells – Nicole and I raked our brains and finally made our decisions.

The shoot is next week, and I know for sure it’s going to be rad. I am so excited for it! Will let you guys know more about it after the shoot. Wish me luck! : )

Ai Ling

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Calista - From 150+ to 10 models? Gosh… That must be a hard work.. Show me the photos when all are done :) Well done!

Shadow - 妳的腳and鞋?

Ai Ling - calista, hard work, but fun! :)

shadow, 對﹐那是我目前最喜歡的鞋子!!

Amélie - Hey, that sounds like an interesting mission ! What was that about ? I can’t wait to see the photos !

Ai Ling - It’s for a campaign for an eye glass company. Hopefully they will pick my work!!

eating - 可以寫中文啊?
害我還寫憋腳英文…. XD

(色老伯流口水… )
大概也麻痺了. XD

Lauranne - how come you’ve the opportunity to pick 10 out of 150? You’re actually one very VERY fashionable photographer, I know that, but nevertheless…?
I hope you’ll be chosen, I want to see the photos !!

Ai Ling - egg, 真的是痲痺了..

lauranne, I am lucky that’s why! :)
The shoot has been postponed to next Wednesday, so stay tune!

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