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I was approached by Tiffany, asking if I was interested in helping to do some shoots for her presentation at work. Real estate has never been so appealing before! : )

I had a great time, both shooting and processing. We were having way too much fun. You might remember Tiffany from her awesome engagement session (click here to see photos from Tiffany’s engagement session).

I thought we could be creative and do something fun. Here are just a few we came up with.

Yay, you guys. Thanks so much for the fun session. Hope you kick some butt during your presentation!!

Ai Ling

Calista - TIFFANY!!! When you told me you had a photo session with Tiffany, I didn’t know she’s the same girl! I’m so happy to see her again! She’s more energetic than before! Great shots!

Lauranne - that has to be the best real estate project ever !!! jut love the one with the mirror ^-^

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